Audison Car Audio Supplier In Greater Manchester

Audison Car Audio Supplier In Greater Manchester .After market car audio upgrades are a fun and enjoyable way to customize your vehicle and enjoy great music with the highest quality sound and technology. Audison are impressive car audio products, they consists of an assortment of devices including speakers, amplifiers, receivers, and more.

Audison AV12

Four Masters are independent car audio equipment installers and suppliers in the United Kingdom that offers Audison and numerous other branded automotive equipment. K and M Acoustics is one of their premiere locations in Wigan in Greater Manchester.

Audison has been around since 1979 delivering automotive and mobile car audio technology and devices. The company was created and founded by a group of technicians who had a passion for going above and beyond in everything they did.

Audison is now a reputable and dependable company that any shopping consumer should strongly consider. There is no better way to enjoy your favourite songs and beats than through Audison speakers, processors, amplifiers, and equalizers. Audison is an Italian manufacturer and sets the standard for high quality products and services from their respective country. The company has always been an innovator and leader in patented, new, and unique technologies.

Audison offers numerous great devices and the SR and Thesis amplifiers, Bit processors, and Voce speakers and amplifiers are some of their premiere equipment. The Bit processors produce electronic signals to send to the amplifier to deliver great sounds. The bit processors include the Bit One, Bit Ten, and Bit Ten D and can range from £299.99 to £649.99. The SR amplifiers provide warm and crisp musical audio to be enjoyed by it’s listeners. Specific models include the SR1D (compact mono-block amplifier), the SR2 (two channel amplifier with that’s bridgeable), the SR4 (four channel amplifier), and theSR5 ( five / three channel system amplifier).

The Thesis amplifiers are top of the line and include the models of the Uno ( mono amplifier), Due (two channel amplifier), and Quattro (four channel amplifier). The Voce speakers include front sized speakers to 10” subwoofers that all deliver high quality music and the Voce amplifiers are the perfect accommodation to these speakers.

The network of Four Master Installers are of the most professional and highest quality suppliers of car audio equipment such as Audison and feature expert installers. Numerous Four Masters locations exist throughout the United Kingdom.


The greater Manchester area enjoys the location of K and M Acoustics, and are a specialist car audio dealer with high quality services and products. K and M Acoustics are suppliers of other brands in addition to Audison such as Rainbow, Hertz, Skinz and Audio Control, and are experts that can give anyone advice on building the perfect sound system for their personalized needs, call in to the shop for more information.