Car Signal Processing – AudioControl’s Approach

Car Signal Processing – AudioControl’s Approach

American innovator AudioControl has operated in all fields of audio excellence for over 40 years now. Consistently delivering in car solutions that help installers to establish good sound in a very tricky environment. A new range of digital signal processing products represents the pinnacle of their technological capabilities.

The DM-810 and DM-608 set out to correct the often crippling effects of car manufacturer’s fiddling with eq settings on their source units. Car manufacturers insist on spending pennies on speakers then spending £000,000’s trying to make them sound musical – This must be more economical than spending a few quid on decent speakers I guess or they wouldn’t do it. For the installer of audio upgrades this presents a challenge. Modern cars often having their source units spread all over the car, outputting fixed frequencies to particular speakers, it is not always easy to find a full range signal to work with.

The AudioControl multi-input digital signal processing solutions help enormously by allowing installers to gather up to 10 high-level or eight low-level inputs, sum them together and use the equivalent of an audio steam roller to flatten out the peaks and troughs to give a stable and solid neutral response for them to work with. This is not necessarily a simple thing to achieve but fortunately, AudioControl offers many tools and an easy and clear user interface to help.

Once a flat response has been reconstructed from the confused mess output from the head unit, your installer can set about shaping the sound to suit the equipment being installed. More importantly, sound can be shaped to the taste and genre preferences of the customer. The processor offers a whole armoury of features and facilities to help including a 30-band graphic equaliser on each of its output channels. Linkwitz-Riley filters are provided for selecting crossover frequencies to send to the various speakers on the upgraded system. The inputs and outputs can be monitored by a built-in RTA to keep tabs on what is being done and offer a visual representation of how much shaping and tweaking has been undertaken. Time alignment for both input and outputs is included along with variable phase correction. This is useful for sorting anomalies introduced by questionable speaker positioning. AudioControl DSP’s are armed with proprietary features such as AccuBASS tested and refined over years to bring the bass back, amongst a host of other features.

An optional controller can be installed, which gives control over level as well as access to presets for different eq and stage positioning requirements. There is even a hi-res digital audio input so the future is here today! – We have tried this with an Audison bit Play HD and it works a treat!

A device of this sophistication requires expert installation of course. We would strongly recommend that you employ the services of a FOUR MASTER to upgrade your car. They have the training, experience and expertise to get optimal results from these very sophisticated products.

Other products worth a look come from Audison’s bit range as well as Rainbow and Hertz



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