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The only printed car audio magazine in the UK, Driving Sounds Magazine is the only magazine that features real car audio systems. All the articles in the Driving Sounds Magazine are real peoples cars with car audio systems that they have bought with their own money! NOT DEMO CARS…

The very first feature is about a man who loves his Porsche 911 “964”, his pride and joy. He has a problem, Brian is a music lover, so much so he wanted to put his need for high end car audio and the music he lovesporsche sound system together with his lovely Porsche 911.

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“Brian has owned his Porsche 911 “964” for five years now, He has recently had an “Audio Heaven” system fitted, Driving Sounds spoke with him to find out more; “ Brian goes on to tell us all about his passion for car audio in the Driving Sounds Magazine.

“As a member of the Porsche Owner’s club I was particularly keen that the car remained in stock condition and was confident that my local FOUR MASTER could live with this demand”……  Many car enthusiast are also music lovers, many don’t like the idea of modifying their pride and joy, this is why Brian went to great lengths to find a car audio dealer that he trusted. Enter his Local FOUR MASTERS.

“We asked Brian what he felt on hearing his new install for the first time and he was extremely enthusiastic in his response; “I took some of my favourite discs with me when I collected the car which I thought would be a matter of handing over some money and driving away, however the process was more involved than that. Firstly, I was shown around the install, the work was to the highest standard with great attention to detail, even the door speaker builds were covered in original Porsche material.” …….The FOUR MASTERS took the attention to detail up and beyond the expectations of what Brian was expecting: to find out what Brian thought of the sound quality leave your NAME and EMAIL address in the box on the right and read the full article for yourself. The Driving Sounds Magazine is FREE.

Brian’s music taste is varied so a good all round high quality audio system was needed to handle his top 5 favorite tracks.

Top Five Tracks on the Move:

  1. 1.       Angel – Massive Attack, Mezzanine
  2. 2.       Real Life – Joan as Police Woman, Real Life
  3. 3.       Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC, Let There Be Rock
  4. 4.       Suddenly – XTC, English Settlement
  5. 5.       Jeff Buckley – Dream Brother, Grace

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All the other features in the Driving Sounds Magazine are real people’s cars, only Brian’s Porsche is a car that belongs to the car audio industry.