Great Car Audio from your local Four Master Installers

Great Car Audio from your local Four Master Installers. If you are looking for  great car audio for your vehicle and want it installed by an expert, call in at your local Four Masters,  this way you will be sure of the best sounds in your vehicle whether it is Bass you want or just a great stereo call in to have a listen to the products we have on show.

Four Masters Awards

Four Masters are all independent installers of high quality car audio systems we ensure first class service and high quality workmanship.

Call in and have a listen to our products on show such as Hertz, Audison Connection, Skinz Sound Deadening, Rainbow and more, we will go through all the different options for you and your vehicle.

Skinz Sound Deadening is a great product it is placed in to your door panels and makes a big difference to speaker performance keeping the sound inside the vehicle and less in to the door panels so you get the best from your speakers. For more information on Skinz sound deadening call your local Four Master dealer on 0800 652 5125.

Four Masters use the best Connection Cable it is very important to a car audio system in regard to quality, remember that cables carry all of the power and sound signals. Even the best system in the world will sound terrible if the wire used to connect components is of a poor quality, the system is only as good as its weakest link.

We also have handsfree phone kits for your vehicle, nearly all modern phones come with bluetooth and can be connected to your hands free system once paired the kit will connect to your phone every time you start your vehicle, this is fully automatic so your phone can remain safely in your pocket or in your bag. Investing in a quality handsfree phone kit for your vehicle will ensure that you have one less distraction to worry about when you are out on the road.

Connexion amp kit

All the Four Masters have demo cars and car audio products on show so that you can have a listen to the sound quality and all of our staff are here to help with any decisions you need to make on which products are best for you and your vehicle.

For all your car audio and car security needs call 0800 652 5125 and we will direct you to your most local Four Master Dealer.