Hertz HDP Amplifiers – Compact Car Audio from the Masters

Hertz HDP Amplifiers – Compact Car Audio from the Masters. Hertz has launched a new range of compact car audio amplifiers for those who crave great sound but have precious little space. The new range of three D-class amplifiers  are built on a cunningly designed aluminium chassis built to effectively dissipate heat. In the cramped confines of a car, it is often heat management that limits power. Maximum power levels are required in order to give high accuracy of sound and the best case scenario is to have everything operating well within its electrical limits.  The new range uses power amplifying devices called MOSFETS which although not new, have required new engineering principles to ensure that they produce the same or better fidelity than the current hungry transistors they replace. This takes more skill and expertise than the lay person could possibly imagine and if you are looking for those particular attributes in a design team you can do no better than world-renowned Italian designers Hertz.


The new range consists of three amplifiers of different configurations. A 4-channel HDP 4, provides 150 Watts RMS of high-quality audio and can be configured for the classic system of a pair of component speakers driven from the front two channels and a subwoofer driven from the other two bridged together to drive up to 500 Watts RMS – Bass always takes more power! A serious upgrade on this would be to use the HDP 4 as a 2-channel to drive the front speakers and recruit the heavy artillery by way of the 1000Watt RMS HDP 1 to drive the bass. The final amplifier in the line-up is a 5-channel which houses 4 channels of 70 Watts RMS and one 380 Watt RMS output, useful for driving a 4-channel plus subwoofer system or an active configuration where the mids and tweeters are driven discretely.

Offering great flexibility to system designers was a top priority and the amplifiers are equipped with easy to configure and adjust controls to set crossover frequencies and hi-pass and lo-pass filters and a whole host of protection circuitry is included on board to ensure that if problems should arise, the amplifier will not be damaged or cause damage to other elements of the system.

If you are serious about music, you need to take a closer look at these magnificent power packs from Hertz. Visit your local FOUR MASTER and ask for a demonstration!

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