Hertz SPL Show Stoppers Add Flawless Highs and Mids to Floorless Bass

Hertz SPL Show Stoppers Add Flawless Highs and Mids to Floorless Bass

The Hertz SPL Show range of products has been extended with the addition of two mid-range products and a bullet tweeter to the existing three subwoofers released earlier this year.

 Hertz SPL show can now be used to build an entire matched system with tremendous impact and almost unparalleled SPL performance.

 As with the subs, the mid-range moving assemblies are equipped with very large motor structures and all SPL Show components employ an extremely compact aluminium wound voice coil, reducing weight to a minimum whilst remaining thermally efficient.

 Special attention has been paid to the development of the venting system for the voice coil and magnetic assembly. In the mid-range drivers, dissipated air is eased through holes in the bottom plate of the speaker. The cones are pressed paper finished with Polypropylene dust cap domes, combining light weight and robustness which contribute to high SPL readings whilst remaining musical at all levels.

SV165[1]Mid-range drivers, SV 165 and SV 200, 165 mm and 200 mm respectively, also feature a copper core and double-wave surround to maintain linearity even under extreme excursion.ST25[1]

 The ST 25 tweeter, with its 25 mm flat wire wound voice coil, features an extra-light aluminium membrane with high thermal dissipation, an extremely powerful Neodymium REN® magnet and a highly efficient compression loaded horn, designed for maximum high frequency acoustic pressure. Handling up to 100 Watts peak, the tweeter is as much about robustness of assembly as it is high frequency reproduction.

The complete range of SPL Show speakers can be seen and heard in Four’s new FIAT Panda demonstrator. The system includes: 16 x SPL Show SX 250 – 10 inch subwoofers, eight pairs of SPL Show SV165 – 6 inch midranges and four pairs of SPL Show ST25 tweeters all driven from a Hertz SPL Monster, 15KW amplifier. The vehicle has recently been measured at 155.3dB (dB Drag rules) and has cracked a windscreen at each show it has attended so far.

The SPL Show range is available now from all FOUR and FOUR MASTER outlets

ST 25 Tweeter, 100Watts Peak – £149.99

SV 165, 165mm Mid-range, 300 Watts peak – £184.99

SV 200, 200mm Mid-range, 400 Watts peak – £229.99

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