Professional Bluetooth Phone Kit Dealer in Sheffield

Professional Bluetooth Phone Kit Dealer in Sheffield. Driving whilst talking on a mobile phone is incredibly dangerous. It allows you or the driver to become easily distracted and could result in an accident. Some studies show that an individual on a phone is actually more dangerous than someone who is slightly drunk. Due to this, switching to a handsfree device just makes sense, as it allows the individual to still talk on the phone, all while not becoming distracted by holding the device up to their face.

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One of the best options for doing this is by calling into your local Four Masters at Source Sounds & Security and having a Bluetooth Phone kit installed in to your vehicle. The Bluetooth hardware is able to connect wireless to the mobile device and receive the audio signals. The Bluetooth device is able to either come in an ear bud form, where you or the driver is able to talk with the headset on, or if you do not like this, the phone kit can be installed through the car audio system. This way, you just need to turn on the car audio system and you will hear the contact through the speakers.

Your local Four Master dealer will go through the different options of phone kits available and see which one is the best for you and your vehicle and you will receive the best service at all times. All of our car audio products and kits for your phone are from top brands like Hertz, Audison, Rainbow, Skinz wave diffuser and parrot phone kits. Call in to the store for more information.

If you want to combine your handsfree phone kit with a better car audio sound there are stereos which have a Bluetooth kit built in so that you can use your stereo when making or answering calls and you won’t need to pick up the phone whilst driving again. Once the installation is complete our professional installers in Sheffield will talk you through and show you how the products work. Our experts always leave your vehicle in pristine condition.

There are many ways to upgrade the sound in a vehicle,always get the experts to install  any sort of car audio  making sure everything works perfectly. Please call in to our store and speak to any of our professional installers.