Reading’s Professional Car Audio Dealer

Reading’s Professional Car Audio Dealer .Car audio enthusiasts know the advantages of owning a quality audio system. That is why they seek out professionals for advice, recommendations and installation of after-market audio systems. John Kleis Reading’s Four Masters Car Audio Dealer can help with everything from comparing brands, to recommending the perfect audio system, to expertly installing the system that is just right for you and your car.

Music lovers contact our experts to compare brands and get the latest information about car audio systemsand installation of quality audio brands such as Audison and Hertz. If you are looking to replace your standard audio system, whether you are looking for professional installation or just looking for “how to” advice, call in to John Kleis in Reading they are happy to help.


Top car audio brands can be found at John Kleis in Reading. Components, such as Audison, Audio Control, Hertz and Rainbow deliver premium sound and can be installed while you wait. Customer service is the key, so you can shop and compare top brands like these and many others. Knowledgeable experts can help you figure out what components will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Experts recommend popular, high quality components like the Skinz Wave Diffuser. For superior acoustics this component utilizes the same premium materials used in recording studios to control acoustical sound quality. The dense foam material used in studios has now been redesigned to resist moisture, so that it can be installed in car doors. Owners of this wave diffuser will tell you that it produces a studio quality sound.

A premium wave diffuser like this is designed to cancel out unwanted sound waves and outside noise and static so that all that comes through your speakers is superior, rich, quality sound. By controlling vibration and getting rid of rattles, this system improves the quality of your music. You will immediately appreciate the difference as soon as you pop in a CD or turn on the radio. This wave diffuser will give you the listening pleasure that you have been dreaming of.

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If you have ever tried to listen to your car audio system while driving through road construction you have probably been tempted to crank the volume up. This may cause a wicked vibration, which distorts your sound quality and just adds more noise to the existing cacophony that you are trying to drown out. This component offers unmatched damping and superior sound wave diffusion for the best sounding music at all times.

Other quality components from John Kleis Reading’s Professional Car Audio Dealer include the Hertz speaker systems. Choose from a variety of amplifiers, tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers, all with our guarantee that you are getting quality products that meet or exceed our clients expectations.