Space Efficient Subwoofers for Your Car from Hertz

Space efficient subwoofers for your car from Hertz have arrived! Bass reinforcement in your car is fundamental to engaging musical reproduction. For years, however, bass solutions have required a lot of space whether in an enclosure or not. This one fact has turned many music lovers off the idea of putting good sounds in the one place they get the opportunity to listen undisturbed!

Road noise, even with sound treatment in your car, tends to cancel bass frequencies and a subwoofer is required in order to bring the original bass reproduction back and add more as more bass equals more entertainment even when listening to more gentle musical genres such as acoustic or orchestral music. However, giving up 25% of luggage space for this is often too big a sacrifice particularly in a family vehicle! With new Skinny Subwoofers from Hertz, only a fraction of the space is required. Available as discrete driver units or in attractively designed boxes, a FOUR MASTER installer now has far more flexibility to install bass solutions without compromising the functionality of your car.

Hertz flat subwoofers can be neatly hidden under a seat, behind a trim panel or against the bulkhead behind rear passenger seats and as bass frequencies are non-directional, you receive the full benefit of lustrous, warm bass without the “space invasion” of previous solutions.

The subs handle 400 (ES F20.5) and 500 (ES F25.5) watts maximum and are highly efficient resulting in more sound output for your watt! A fairly modest amplifier will drive these subs and provide tight, energetic yet musical bass frequencies, which will enhance any musical genre.

Belonging to the Hertz Energy range these subs are perfect for those who like musical car stereo that has a low impact on the vehicle interior. Hertz ES F20.5 and ES F25.5 are available from all FOUR and FOUR MASTER outlets now Priced at £109.99 and £129.99 respectively.


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