The FOUR MASTER Car Clinic, Modified Nationals and Beyond

Car clinic

The FOUR MASTERS Car Clinic comes to Modified Nationals  over the bank holiday weekend. Instigated in response to many DIY installers who have sent considerable amounts of money on equipment only to find that the suggestion that anyone can install it, simply isn’t true. In fact, over the years, there have been many horror stories involving long lengths of wire running unfused straight from a car battery to an amplifier in the back of the car. The implications here are extremely serious and can lead to a complete vehicle wiring burn out. Other issues relate to unsecured wiring wrapping itself around foot pedals and impeding driving safety and cables run through holes in metal work without grommets. 


FOUR MASTERS do not necessarily blame young motorists for these issues. In may cases they are encouraged to save money on installation by unscrupulous sellers wishing to simply stuff a bunch of fivers in their tills and say goodbye to the customer forever. The fact is that installing electronics items into a car is a highly skilled profession and without the correct tools and know how, DIY’ers risk putting themselves and their passengers at risk. Good sound in a car costs money and when considering a system purchase for the first time, drivers should consider the cost of installation. Even apart from the safety considerations, a pair of £100 speakers installed by a professional could sound far  £300 pair installed by an amateur. 

For these reasons, FOUR MASTERS will be delivering free of charge car clinics all over the country this season beginning with Modified Nationals. The clinics are absolutely free and where possible a RTA SPL  measurement ofyour car will be carried out so you have a record of exactly how loud it is. Many of you will know that FOUR MASTERS is an independent network of Car hi-fi experts dedicated to promoting great car hi-fi and they will go to extreme lengths to demonstrate their skills. So come along to  a FOUR MASTERS Car Clinic near you and see how your installation measures up.

To find out where your local car clinic is contact 0845 450 1594 or click here