Audison Connection Keeps Norwich In Car Entertainment Wired

Audison Connection Keeps Norwich In Car Entertainment wired. When installing good quality in-car entertainment, care should be taken with cables and wires. All cables and wires add resistance to a signal path and this induces loss of signal and distortion. Whilst you can never completely eliminate these two audio enemies, a FOUR MASTER installer will always recommend ways in which you can minimise them. After all, you may have just spent a considerable amount of money purchasing good quality equipment and to compromise its performance by introducing signal loss and distortion could be considered barmy! Ferarri owners do not put 12″ wheels and top boxes on their new motors but, this is a useful analogy for using sub-standard wires cables and connectors.

Audison Connection consists of three different ranges of cables; First, Best and Sonus all of which have increasing levels of sophistication and technologies to minimise our audio enemies. Audison is owned by Italian design house and manufacturer Elettromedia. With a long heritage in professional audio and mobile electronics, Elettromedia has optimised each range for quality as well as “workability” FOUR MASTER Installers are faced with enough challenges when installing audio into a car. Cable runs often need to be packed into restricted space and curve radius’s need to be quite sharp. For this reason, Audison Connection cables use a unique arrangement of twisted strand technology and hyper flexible coverings to ensure cables can fit into these tight spaces easily. Similarly power distribution blocks and fuse holders are manufactured from low resistance materials and engineered for ease of install as well as aesthetics. A complete install requires a lot of cable and a lack of attention to its quality will seriously affect performance.

Visit Norwich In Car Entertainment (NICE) and discuss your cable and connection needs, if it is worth doing correctly it is worth doing with Audison Connection. Call 01603 666876 today or visit NICE.