Best Car Audio Dealer in Birkenhead

Best Car Audio Dealer in Birkenhead. If you’re a car owner who cares about their vehicle, you won’t be satisfied by anything but the best. You wouldn’t be contented with cheap seats, or tacky interiors; so why be satisfied by low quality car audio? If you’re the perfect hybrid of auto enthusiast and audio connoisseur, why not check out your nearest Four Masters? It’s the local Birkenhead car audio dealer that only stocks the highest quality systems. Don’t trust an inferior installer with your precious automobile; with your Four Masters in Birkenhead, 360 Auto Design you can be confident that your car is in the hands of independent car audio experts.


Only a true car audio enthusiast would know the sensations and emotions that a high-end quality sound system provides.The best music deserves to be rendered through speakers of the highest quality, such as Audison or Hertz. Whether you listen to your music through radio, CD or plugged in MP3 player – every song and beat should be transmitted with a pure and unfiltered sound. Inbuilt car speaker systems are often poor quality, delivering a sound that is tinny and distorted. This is not only sacrilege to the artist’s intentions. You owe it to your car and your impeccable music taste to get your car down to your favourite Birkenhead car audio dealer today, 360 Auto Design.

 Our experienced Four Master installers have years of collective experience working with Hertz , Audison and various other car audio systems. Their careful workmanship and dedication to perfect will ensure that every installation is completed to the best and highest quality. With hundreds of hours of training, each fitter has been individually qualified in the area of car audio fitting; each worker has been certified as an expert in installing quality car audio systems. At your Four Masters in Birkenhead, you can leave the workshop feeling reassured that your car is in safe and highly qualified hands.



The difference between a quality Audison or Hertz Car audio system is all about tone. It’s about the texture of the music – do you want a thin, reedy sound echoing from imbalanced speakers; or do you want the foundations of Merseyside to be rocking to the throbbing bass beat of a high-end car audio system? Whether your tastes are electric guitars or electronic synthesizers, Top 40 pop or the smooth sounds of jazz; check out your local Four Masters Car Audio Dealer today to get a beat that won’t quit.
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