Brian Car Sounds Security, Coulsdon makes Massive with Tiny Nano Car Amplifiers

Brian Car Sounds Security (BCSS), Coulsdon makes Massive with tiny Nano car amplifiers. American manfacturers of Car stereo Hi-fi amplifiers, Massive have broken new ground with a range of high powered amplifiers called Nano. Topping the range is a 2000 Watt RMS mono block which will drive into 1 Ohm and comes in a tiny package measuring just 5.5″ X 13.4″ and just 2.1″ high.

With FOUR MASTER credentials, the team at BCSS can build a big bass system without using up all the space in your car. As small cars become the only viable option, particularly as a first car, size really is important and Massive provides a range of class A/B and class D amps offering the flexibility  to build a huge sound from a small space. A specially crafted Raven Black, aluminium heat sink and the use of micro technology is the secret to this staggering performance/size ratio. The ability to link multiple amplifeirs in line or to stack them means amazing power to multiple channels can esily be accommodated under a seat or behind a removable panel in the side of your luggage compartment.

N2 Pack with disc

If showing off your system is important the Massive Nano range will pass muster. The smart, sleek black case features a classy Massive badge on top with a high power blue LED offering additional style notes. The range consists of 5 amplifiers including: N2 monoblock (800 Watts RMS into 1 ohm), N3 monoblock (1400 Watts RMS into 1 ohm), N4 monoblock (2000 Watts RMS into 1 ohm) and the Nx4 4-channel (4 X 100 Watts into 4 Ohms).

So, if you have a car, live in Surrey and space really matters, you need to head down to FOUR MASTER BCSS and get the system of your dreams.

Contact Brian Car Sound Security on 0208 645 0655 or click here to find out how to get there.