Car Audio Magic – An Argument To Invest!

Car Audio Magic – An Argument To Invest!


Give us a pound for everyone we meet who has no idea how good a car audio system can sound and we will buy the moon! Despite being on nearly everyone’s favourite things to do list, listening in the car for most is not a comfortable experience yet, many still consider the distorted squawking that emanates from their standard fit audio systems to sound OK. We even have people dragging us into their “Ultimate Distortion Machines” to demonstrate how good their (insert over-priced and overrated esoteric hifi brand name here) upgrade sounds and proudly tell us that they only paid £5K for it!

Sound quality definitely has a subjective element to it however, with a tiny bit of investment in listening one can quickly identify objective reasons why something may sound good or bad. It is too convenient for people to adopt the “personal preference” argument when presenting post purchase justification arguments. This is often used alongside erroneous arguments about such upgrades as; “It’s got 17 speakers”, or “The sound was computer modelled” (computers don’t have emotions or ears!)  – The truth is that car manufacturers convince their customers that they know what they are talking about or displace the need for this by featuring well-know audio brand badges on their equipment. Sadly, if they put as much money into developing the systems in the first place and less on licensing agreements and ensuing marketing, they may come up with something half decent. We don’t mind this of course. It has always been this way and it is why we are blessed with a network of expert installers who know things about the cars they work on that even the manufacturers themselves don’t!

There are over 29 Million cars registered in the UK with annual sales usually around 2.5 million per year yet, only a tiny fraction get upgraded sound. Why? Mostly it comes down to a lack of knowledge as to what is available and exposure to the end result. This need not be the case as every FOUR MASTER has at least one demonstration vehicle in their fleet and some have many more than this. All you have to do is go along and ask to hear it – It won’t cost you anything and you will not be forced into buying anything.

There is no absolute remedy for a poor sounding factory standard system however, the speakers are often a very good place to start. For approximately £250.00 you could get an Audison Prima speaker upgrade along with associated Skinz sound treatment for the vehicle’s door panels. Just this simple upgrade would expose you to so much more than you will hear from your standard equipment. The upgrade is completely discrete and can be reversed at the end of your ownership without trace. The result will amaze you but there is much, much more that can be done to improve the sound even more. Add a compact Audison Prima amplifier and you add not only the ability to turn the sound up further, but precise, distortion-free control of the speakers you have just upgraded. This means more definition, better accuracy and more fun! – You will literally marvel at previously unheard sounds and whole instruments that you have not noticed before. But even this doesn’t have to be the end of your fun! Add a subwoofer in a suitable enclosure and you now have astonishing depth which will add drama and excitement to your listening experience. Subwoofers these days are able to sit in small spaces and a FOUR MASTER is expert in hiding stuff away so that non of the vehicle’s functionality is affected. An important note here, sub-bass does not need to be over the top. A modest reinforcement below 80 Hz will often give a car a magical sound experience the likes of which you will not ever hear in a car straight out of the showroom.

So, what began with a simple mid-priced speaker upgrade has now developed into a very capable system that will have you sitting outside of your destination waiting for the track you are listening to come to an end. A system so fulfilling and enjoyable that you will enjoy every second of every traffic jam and we are still probably only spending 30% of the price of the manufacturer’s upgrade option. Furthermore, any system installed by a FOUR MASTER is provided with a national 3-year warranty on parts and labour so you have complete peace of mind that in the unlikely event that something bad should happen, you can drive to any FOUR MASTER and have it repaired free of charge!

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