FOUR MASTER Sextons, Southampton Demonstreates Audio Heaven

FOUR MASTER Sextons, Southampton demonstrates Audio Heaven with it new demo car. Based on a Honda CRV and installed with Audison VOCE speakers the car illustrates perfectly what a FOUR MASTER can do for music lovers on the move.

Four Masters are a network of car stereo experts all skilled and qualified to turn your car into your own private listening space. Whether you retain the factory fitted stereo, or want to upgrade it for extra features like an iPod input or Bluetooth for instance, is entirely up to you, we know that the biggest difference you can make to your musical enjoyment is in upgrading the speakers for clear high and warm mid-range frequencies and adding a sub-woofer for sumptuous, enjoyment enriching bass.Sex Amp

This guaranteed effect is reflected in the name of our mid-priced system which we call Audio Heaven. The Audio Heaven system featured below was installed by FOUR MASTER Sextons in Southampton. The equipment was all chosen for purpose and apart from the Alpine head unit, comes from top Italian company Audison.Sex door builds

Known for its no compromise approach to producing innovative products with excellent sound as the chief priority, these products do not let them down. The Audison Voce AV-K6 component speakers recently won a pan-European award (EISA) as best speakers in their class. Much of the technology is borrowed from Audison’s world renowned high-end Thesis range and the results are comparable to speakers costing a lot more. A Voce 12” sub-woofer and Audison LRX 6.9 amplifier completes the stairway to heaven.

FOUR MASTERS are extremely versatile and as you can see, this installation has been finished in Alcantara. The build could just as easily be finished in leather, vinyl to match the original interior or any other kind of material.

Visit Sextons, Southampton or any other FOUR MASTER for a close-up look at the skills on offer or visit for a full explanation of what we do or simply call 0845 450 1594