FOUR MASTERS for Music Lovers on the Move

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FOUR MASTERS for music lovers on the move – In an age when we are hit with technology for technology’s sake and where price and convenience come before emotional engagement it is refreshing to hear that there are specialist groups of companies around who still care about quality.

FOUR MASTERS are a nationwide network of independent Car Audio installers each having an established business with highly skilled staff and exceptional passion for their area of specialism. FOUR MASTERS is the glue that holds this group of exclusive businesses together and is able to offer great benefits to those who require more musical performance in their car.

 FOUR MASTERS are able to build Car stereo systems to suit all tastes and pockets. Installation is as important and a FOUR MASTER will ensure that your products are installed in a safe and sympathetic way whilst delivering optimum performance. FOUR MASTERS are passionate about Audio as well as cars and are used to working with both.

Because of the excellence of installing companies, FOUR MASTERS are confident in offering a 3-year national warranty on both parts and labour – so if your audio should develop a fault in another part of the country you simply get in touch with the local FOUR MASTER and they will sort it out, free of charge.

We often come across customers who query the need for a subwoofer – Surely these are just for the young who listen to dance music? Not at all – In fact some of the most challenging music to reproduce is Orchestral where the bass frequencies are often eaten up by road noise. By paying particular attention to bass frequencies we ensure that every sound from Timpani, Bassoon and Double Bass can be heard just as clearly as the Violin, Flute and Oboe. FOUR MASTERS are highly service oriented and deliver an experience they feel the discerning music lover would appreciate – no bright light, techno babble just plain honest advice on how to achieve the very best sound from your vehicle which will bring your music collection to life.

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