FOUR MASTERS Introduce Perfection with New Hertz Mille

FOUR MASTERS introduce perfection with new Hertz Mille. Car Audio is only ever as good as the speakers you use. Most digital audio sources are capable of producing near Hi-fi quality these days and the difference between them in audio quality terms is hard to discern in the hostile listening environment of the average car. However, once the car has been treated for sound, including Skinz Sound deadening and careful speaker placement, you can start to really enjoy music as it is meant to be heard.

The revelation of quality listening on the move is only, however, completed when good quality equipment is installed. FOUR MASTERS are fortunate to have exclusive access to the finest European car audio products available. Brand new Hertz Mille is a prime example of the care and passion that goes into creating great car audio. So what makes them so special? All products from Hertz are designed and developed in Italy. Products are designed using state of the art computer modelling techniques and then subjected to exhaustive listening tests and are only ever put into production once the goal of uncompromised sound is achieved.

The application of new technologies starts at the very high-end but is then honed and optimised until it is suitable for use in less expensive systems – That is not to say that Hertz Mille are cheap but they do represent excellent value for money when the application of revolutionary technologies is taken into account. When installed correctly Hertz Mille will bring a smile to the face of the most discerning music lover.

If you have a car and you love music, visit your local FOUR MASTER and ask for a demonstration of some of the finest car audio equipment available. Don’t forget to follow this link to print a “money off”  voucher.

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