FOUR MASTERS Offer Free Bass to Car Audio Fans

FOUR MASTERS Offer Free Bass to Car Audio Fans – For those who haven’t experienced proper audio in a car, giving over precious luggage space to bass speakers or subwoofers may seem a crazy thing to do. For those who know the true joy of an engaging musical experience on the move, it is well worth the compromise. Fortunately, thanks to ever-evolving technological advances, it is now possible to drastically reduce the amount of space required while still providing that magical car audio experience.

Hertz skinny sub enclosures are compact and stylish and provide warm, deep bass more typical of bass boxes much larger in size. They are also designed to be very power efficient, which means you don’t need a 1000 Watt amplifier to make them work correctly. In fact, a FOUR MASTERS Audio Joy system featuring a Hertz EBX F20 slim subwoofer system can be driven with modest power and still provide you with accurate, deep bass. FOUR MASTER Audio Joy systems are designed to demystify car audio for those who want great sound but without having to learn a new language and whole branch of science. Just because we know all about Total Harmonic Distortion, Root Mean Squared power conversion and dynamic range doesn’t meant that we have to bore you with it – We understand that you are interested in great sonic reproduction and not necessarily the internal workings of Ohms law!

Audio Joy is a car audio system sold as a package including front component speakers, subwoofer, amplifier and all interconnecting cables and wiring. Furthermore, it includes installation by a FOUR MASTER who will treat the panels your speakers are mounted to for optimum performance and minimum rattles and distortion. This entire system can be installed into your vehicle by us for just £699.99 however, if you sign up for a free copy of Driving Sounds magazine the UK’s only dedicated in-car audio title, you can get the entire system for just £499.99 which, effectively means you get the Hertz EBX F20 subwoofer system for free!

This offer is only available until 31st January 2012 so sign up here without delay and receive our special offer email.


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