FOUR MASTERS Set to Cure ICE Woes at the Modified Nationals

FOUR MASTERS are set to cure ICE woes at the Modified Nationals. The May Bank holiday sees the Modified Nationals return to Peterborough Show Ground. Probably the best loved of all shows since moving to this venue, the crowds are certain to throng!

FOUR MASTERS are hoping for a good turn out of car owners who want to take advantage of a free of charge car sound clinic which will see some of the finest UK installers checking installs out for wiring anomalies and advising drivers on how to get more out of their equipment. They will even measure the sound output of your existing system so that you can decide if you are up to competition standard.

With years of experience between them, the FOUR MASTERS are only too aware of the pitfalls of DIY installs and will bein attendance not to embarrass but rather to help inspire car owners to greater things. It would be a shame if the only system ever invested in did not deliver to expectations. A good ICE install will bring huge amounts of fun and joy to your driving experience whist a poorly installed one will cause nothing but grief and could also lead to damage to the car and its occupants. This is unfortunately, the case for far too many young drivers who perhaps rush in to purchasing equipment for the wrong reasons and try to install it without the proper tools and knowledge to do the job. FOUR MASTERS want to encourage those starting out by offering free advice on performance and safety so that drivers can get the most from the sounds they love. Car clinic

So if you are heading top Peterborough next weekend, don’t forget to check with the FOUR MASTER Car Clinic and get yourself a clean bill of health. Call 07939 187149 to book an appointment!