FOUR MASTERS to Showcase Italian Audio Technology at Auto Italia

FOUR MASTERS to showcase Italian audio technology at Auto Italia. Visitors to this stunning event held at Brooklands on April 30th for Italian car enthusiasts will be treated this year to a stunning demonstration of just how good a car audio system can sound even in a high performance sports car. The car, a Ferrari 355 will feature Hertz Mille speakers from Italian high-end audio manufacturer Elettromedia. These speakers have already won many industry plaudits and pull together many radical technologies used in even higher end equipment sold under sister brand, Audison.

FOUR MASTERS have a growing reputation for providing the finest equipment available into some of the best vehicles on the road and are able to find sensible solutions for any vehicle without affecting the integrity of the vehicle. Furthermore, their work can be completely undone and the vehicle returned to stock condition for onward sale at a later date. With a 3-year national warranty offered as standard and an unrivalled 21-day no quibble money back guarantee – it makes perfect sense for any music lover on the move to take their treasured vehicle to a FOUR MASTER for five star treatment.

This particular vehicle and installation is to be featured along with many other stunning examples of mobile audio solutions in the forthcoming second issue of the unique Driving Sounds Magazine – written by car audio enthusiasts, the magazine attempts to portray the emotion and enjoyment provided by high quality audio in the car without reverting to technical jargon or losing the reader in performance figures. Instead it simply reports on the results enjoyed by some of the hundreds of satisfied customers of the FOUR MASTER network who enjoy driving whilst benefitting from high quality audio.

You can sign up for a free of charge copy of this high quality publication either at the show or by clicking here. Alternatively, call 0800 652 5125 or visit