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National network of car audio dealers FOUR MASTER’s work has been used to create a car hi-fi magazine called Driving Sounds. The publication available free of charge from in car entertainment distributor, FOUR features audio installs into a wide variety of cars along with the profiles of the car owners and their taste in music. Deliberately avoiding lengthy equipment lists and technical specification, the publication focuses on the stories of the car owners and explores their motivation for purchasing aftermarket car hi-fi systems as well as reporting on the difference an install has made to their driving enjoyment.

For instance, an article entitled “Expert Hi-fi for a Tenor” tells the story of the son of an opera singer who saved for years to purchase the car of his and his father’s dreams. When finally in a position to do so, he quickly became dissatisfied with the factory fitted sound system and visited his local FOUR MASTER, Source Sounds in Sheffield, to see what could be done. The resulting system and its install has, in the mind of the owner, enhanced his ownership experience although he began by wanting an installation that would not affect the resale value of the vehicle: “I really didn’t want anything done which would affect the car’s resell value and this is the other point that escapes most car owners, all of the work that has gone into improving my vehicle can be reversed if I ever wish to sell the vehicle. I suppose it is true that I would never realise the full value of the system as part of the car, but I can remove it and have it all installed in my next one”


Another important aspect of having such work carried out on the vehicle is the process and service delivery. After all, in this case, we are talking about a cherished vehicle which the owner has scrimped and saved to be able to purchase. According to Driving Sounds, the owner was delighted that he could get involved in this process but without having to spend days researching: ” I found that once the process began, I wanted as much input as possible, listening to equipment and adding my own personal touches to the system. One thing I would have never thought possible, was sprung on me by Paul (Paul Ellis, Source Sounds Sheffield). When I went to finally collect the car the boot installs had been finished in the identical Napa Leather used by Mercedes for the interior of the car! It was this sort of attention to detail which convinced me that I had been lucky to find one of a group of the finest installers in the country, prepared to go that extra yard to deliver customer satisfaction.”

A free of charge copy of Driving Sounds magazine can be obtained by clicking here or call 0845 450 1594