FOUR’s Christmas Amper or, Bass – The Final Front Ear

 Christmas AmperChristmas AmperFOUR’s Christmas Amper or, Bass – The Final Front Ear
 There is nothing like a significant bass boost to captivate your interest in music and there is no shame in starting your musical journey this way. Bass is the most difficult kind of audio to produce with integrity and although many companies can make a noise, it is usually one loaded with distortion rendering the source music unlistenable at worst or unintelligible at best!
Christmas Amper Car Audio Package

Christmas Amper Car Audio Package

This is where Hertz differs from the crowd. They research, build, test and review each product tirelessly until it pleases them and as they have amassed some of the finest designers and critical listeners in the world over the years it takes something extra special to impress them!

 Many music and sound experts have begun their interest following a moving bass related experience. Even some of the nation’s finest Sound Quality competition entrants will admit that their interest began with the memory of organ wobbling bass from a PA stack at a gig, real life sound such as a low-flying aeroplane or a sub-filled car heard at a show.

Following the incredible interest shown at shows and on YouTube in its ultra loud Hertz equipped FIAT Panda FOUR has pulled out all the stops and put together this very special package so that others may begin a journey through the music universe. (See the video at the bottom of this page)

Consisting of a Hertz 2-channel HE amplifier and an EBX 250 boxed 10” Hertz Energy subwoofer with a high quality Audison Connection amp kit, this superb package will connect directly to your OEM or factory fitted equipment to provide you with chest rattling, musical bass that will change your driving experience forever!

This package would normally cost you £407.98p from all FOUR MASTERS and FOUR dealers, but Santa wants you to treat yourself to an early pressie and you can therefore get all of this for just £249.99

Try FOUR’s brand new “Shop online, Collect in store” feature at make sure you get your equipment efficiently delivered to your local FOUR MASTER for you to collect. Alternatively, call 0845 450 1594