Hertz Car Audio Supplier in West Berkshire

Hertz Car Audio Supplier in West Berkshire .Today, the audio system in a car is almost as important as the car and no one understands this better than John Kleis Car Hi-Fi in West Berkshire and his team of car audio installers have been installing car audio systems for many Years.

Hertz HT20R

Your local Four Masters independent installers who specialize in providing high quality car audio systems with a common code of practice which ensures first class and high quality services and high quality workmanship and suppliers of the best brands of equipment like Hertz for car audio systems. We install anything from a simple speaker installation to a full blown custom sound system.

John Kleis Car Hi-Fi has a unique challenge with every vehicle and achieve the best sound possible for any audio space. Car Audio equipment is our specialty. We stock everything you need amplifiers, custom sub boxes, equalizers, in dash cd players, loaded sub boxes, unloaded sub boxes, sub-woofers, speakers and more. Our services are offered at the lowest possible price. If you’re looking for a car audio system that is going to produce a nice, clean and crisp sound that is not over powering, our team of installers fit the bill.

BMW, ford  etc. makes great cars but unfortunately for the music lover, the factory audio system can be a let down. Constant complaints of listening fatigue, deficiencies and audio anomalies give the impression of less quality systems. Many cheap sound systems will often produce a combination that is not desirable. Quality speakers like Hertz are a must for any audio system. You want speakers that are going to produce good sound that is not overwhelming. John Kleis is one of the best suppliers of Hertz car audio systems and more.

Hertz HT 20R Supertweeters for Sweeter In-car Sounds

If you’re looking to upgrade your current system our professional installer will perform your high quality upgrades. Our installers bring years of acoustic knowledge to each car model. We also offer 3 year parts and labour warranty on all of our installation services, we are a supplier of the best brands like Hertz, Rainbow, Audison and more for any car model. Put your car in the care of true professionals for all of your sound systems needs. Look us at www.fourmastercaraudio.co.uk for questions about our services.

We welcome owners of all model cars. You’re sure to be satisfied when you choose John Kleis Car Hi-Fi for your car audio system needs, We will turn your car into a haven for music that you, family and friends alike would thoroughly enjoy.