Hertz to show incredible Mark I Golf at Scottish Car Show 17th July 2011

Hertz is to show it’s incredible Mark I Golf at the Scottish Car Show 17th July 2011. Main event ICE sponsor Hertz will once again be making the most noise at this weekend’s Scottish Car Show as they wheel out the big guns – a freshly installed Mark I Golf.

Installed by FOUR MASTER Source Sounds in Sheffield, the mad golf is packed to the gunwales with no less than 100 speakers including: 36 X 10″ Energy subs, 14 pairs of Energy 2-way components and 10 pairs of coaxials, 6 pairs of SPL show mid-range speakers and 2 pairs of SPL  show tweeters. The front end is driven by nine Hertz HE amplifiers with a monstrous Hertz SPL Show driving all of the subs. Power is provided by seven high power batteries are charged by two 240Amp alternators. The sound is pulled together and shaped using an Audison Bit 1. As you would expect from a Source Sounds install it is not only very, very loud but also sounds incredibly musical just like a massive PA rig!

A wardrobe of sub woofers!

No room for a cup holder!










Hertz is renowned for making lots of noise for your pound and this is why FOUR MASTERS have built not one but two “PA Cars” this year. Reliability is excellent and the products are pretty much bomb-proof in audio terms making them the perfect match for projects of this magnitude. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Hertz is all about noise. Quite the opposite is true. Because the products are so “musical” a modest Hertz system offers huge versatility and will reproduce all kinds of musical genres including Rock, Dance, Pop, electronica and acoustic music with sweet high frequencies and deep but accurate bass, Hertz reproduce the whole musical spectrum as if your favourite artist were in the room with you.

Be one of the first to experience this fantastic Golf at the Scottish Car Show this weekend 17th July and see if you can bag yourself some Hertz bargains!

For further information call: 0800 652 5125 or visit www.fourcars.co.uk