Hi Res Music Streaming In Cars

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Driving Sounds Issue V front cover
Issue V

In 2015, Driving Sounds Magazine reviewed the then new Audison bit Play HD, hi res music server for the car. At the time, HD music (now known almost universally as “hi res”) was very new to the automotive world and so an explanatory article called “CD vs HD-audio” was included in the same issue of the magazine (You can download both articles free of charge here: https://www.drivingsounds.co.uk/buy-online/). This remains a great piece of work for those getting started and wanting to know some of the technical detail behind digital music. A further article, The Art of Separation, gives a hint of what to expect when listening to hi res music.

Content has always been the stumbling block for new audio formats. However, the listening public seems to have developed such an appetite for digital formats and streaming services, that artists are releasing new music and back catalogues in hi res versions all the time. Many of these are remastered and so, already sound better than the original CD version. Music recorded and mixed specifically for the hi res market go way beyond all expectations. This is especially true of naturally produced acoustic music. Hi res also has a huge effect on multi layered recordings and this is where the hi res version of a favourite is most likely to strike a chord.

The extra dynamic response of hi res allows listeners to experience sounds they may have attributed to other instruments in an ensemble. It is also possible to pick out an artefact or effect used by the player of an instrument that may be almost imperceptible in less detailed formats.

Hi res content we are most familiar with comes from TIDAL and QOBUZ. In both cases, renditions are almost flawless and most illuminating. We know many other services exist but enjoy these two most for both selection and quality. However, it is important to note that searching and selecting music whilst on the move is best avoided when using your phone to access the service. It is illegal and very dangerous so please, create playlists before you set off! You can hit shuffle if they get a bit samey. If using an Audison bit Play HD interfaced with a built in entertainment interface, the job will be much easier and safer!

Finally, you will need a system capable of reproducing hi res to get the best out of the experience. Fortunately, we have many products in our Audison range alone that fit the bill here. Visit your FOUR MASTER and take a demonstration in the first instance, but do watch out for brands throwing the “hi res” label around in relation to products that simply downsample hi res into 16 bit!

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