High End Car Audio Dealer in Winchester and Southampton

High End Car Audio Dealer in Winchester and Southampton. The average British driver spends about an hour and a half every day inside their car. On the weekends, with road trips and social events to think about, this figure often multiplies several times. Why spend all this time listening to inferior car audio? With a high end  Hertz or Rainbow system; every car ride you take could be an intoxicating audio experience. With merely the press of a button, you could be transported to the front row of a rock concert, or inside the Grand Circle of the Royal Albert Hall.

 With lower quality sound systems, the original timbre, tone and texture that the artist intended has become completely lost. Timbre loses the distinctiveness that can only be transmitted faithfully through a high end system, such as Hertz. The tone of the music sounds tinny and false, with a bass distorted through the simple fact that built-in car audio systems are not constructed to render music in high quality. Only through a Hertz set of speakers will your bass throb and pulse loud enough to be heard from the next street; only a genuine Hertz system will render the beautiful treble melody of that guitar riff. At your Four Masters, installing high end car audio systems is their primary specialty. 
 We at Accutek in winchester understand that you would only entrust your car to the utmost professionals. To this end, every engineer and fitter at your Four Masters in winchester has undergone years of intensive training to achieve the qualifications needed to install the highest quality sound systems.

 Hundreds of hours of experience and a stellar legacy in car audio installation combine to create the undeniable masters of audio installation. The passion and dedication of our team, both in helping you find your ideal system and then later installing it with absolute precision, is unmatched.

 Our comprehensive and extensive range of car audio systems, including the latest models from, Hertz, Audison and Rainbow, means that we can provide you with the audio system that you have always dreamed of. Don’t settle for an inferior brand or lack luster fitters – go with your instinct and select Four Masters, Accutek car audio for the selection and installation of your Hertz system, among many others.
 You will spend nearly six thousand hours sitting in a car during your lifetime. Life is far too short to spend such an extensive amount of time inflicting poor quality car audio on your ears. Do yourself – and your car – a favour, and demand only the best quality for your internal sound system.

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