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Car audio is not the most common purchase for car owners to make and therefore, even once you have identified that the stress and fatigue you are suffering following a long journey is car audio related, it may not be obvious where to go to do something to cheer yourself up. This is where FOUR MASTERS can help. FOUR MASTERS are independent car audio specialists who not only sell but also offer expert installation of car audio equipment. They are chosen for their knowledge and expertise. All are capable of working on any marque of vehicle in fact it is possible to improve the audio in just about any vehicle provided you have the right skills and knowledge.

FOUR MASTERS are unique in that not only are they passionate about cars, they are also passionate about music and good sound. Sometimes, achieving good sound in a car is not entirely down to the equipment selected but equally relies upon the equipment being properly installed and crucial areas of the vehicle being treated to make them suitable. FOUR MASTERS fit the bill perfectly and what’s more, they all provide some important benefits to ensure you a trouble-free car audio upgrade experience. See here for a summary:

It is common for us to demonstrate cars at shows and for those who have never been exposed to decent audio in a car before to exclaim most enthusiastically at what they have just experienced. Once you enjoy a good audio upgrade on the move you will never again be prepared to put up with the mediocre performance of factory installed equipment. But how do you discover what will sound good in your car? Do not fear, we have that covered. Your fist step is to consult the Your Car pages on this website: All of the system installations featured here have been undertaken by FOUR MASTERs and are therefore guaranteed to please! Alongside full system installations you will find speaker upgrades provided the result was enjoyed by the customer. If you do not see your car here, don’t despair it simply means that we have not received the positive feedback we require in order to make a recommendation or that our data-bunny has fallen behind in his work! Either way, there is no need to worry, simply find your local FOUR MASTER here: go along with a selection of your own music and ask their advice. It is very unlikely that they won’t have installed into the model of vehicle you have and their depth of knowledge will ensure you end up with a system that sounds great and fits in with your budget.

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It is quite usual for car owners to upgrade their car sound a bit at a time. Usually, they begin with upgraded speakers as this is the component that will make the most immediate difference. An amplifier can be added at a later date as can a subwoofer which may not even be necessary at all depending on your taste. The head unit in your dashboard may well be designed in to the look and feel of your vehicle and we understand that many car owners are reluctant to change this however, there are other ways to bypass this if it causes sound issues. We know of a few that do and there is not much that can be done other than bypass it altogether. By adding a processor such as an Audison bit product, you could conceivably add HD music player which would deliver unprecedented quality to your mobile listening. Many factory head units feature Bluetooth streaming that seems to bypass the often unpleasant magic that has such a negative effect on the signal path when playing from radio or a CD. The effects I talk of are mainly limited frequency response and squashed dynamics.

Finally, good sound is not always possible to achieve simply through replacing equipment. It is always necessary to treat the panels around speaker mounting positions to prevent odd resonances affecting the sound. Similarly, care has to be taken with the rear of the speaker as sound waves emanating from the rear of a speaker (back waves) can bounce back off hard surfaces behind and cause odd phenomena n speaker cones which colour the sound and introduce distortion. In some cases, your installer will recommend that speakers are physically moved in order to help with fidelity. This is most common with mid-range speakers and tweeters that reproduce most of the directional information from music. Space and openness are very important when listening. It should be possible even when travelling to pick out specific instruments from an ensemble and identify where the sound is coming from and what instrument it is.


It is not always necessary to go to these extremes but they are things that can and do regularly make a huge difference to your driving pleasure.

If you drive a car and love music, you owe it to yourself to at least find out what your local FOUR MASTER can do for you.
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