In-Car Sound Gets the Full Treatment from FOUR MASTERS


In-car sound gets the full treatment from FOUR MASTERS and so can you! We have mentioned many times the importance of sound treatment when installing replacement speakers into a car. This can add an uplift in performance of 25 – 50% depending on the build quality of the vehicle they are being installed into.

When a speaker produces sound it is projected forward but also backwards out of the speaker, and it is the backward radiation which causes the problem. The most influential distortion is that caused by reflected or back waves which bounce from any solid surface behind the speaker like, for instance a door panel. In this instance, the reflected sound can seriously impede free movement of the speaker cone and therefore cause a loss of power by cancelling forward sound projection these reflections also introduce distortion by effectively warping the cone out of shape.

In order to address these two significant problems, FOUR MASTERS apply a treatment system called Skinz. This consists of three elements; Skinz – a bituminous material which deadens the panel behind the speaker and eradicates energy sapping panel flex as well as significantly attenuating road noise Wave Diffuser – an irregular shaped dense foam square which breaks up backward reflections before they have a chance to hit any solid panels and Moisture Guard – an open cell foam which acts as a moisture barrier between the door panel and the rear of the speaker.

When properly installed the Skinz system will radically improve sound level, bass (which is more susceptible to cancellation) and longevity of your upgraded speakers. We can already hear you asking why car manufacturers don’t do this as a matter of course and the answer is simply, cost. Car manufacturers will not spend a penny more than necessary to build a car and good audio as opposed to “audio” is just not a consideration – this is why the average base model of budget or family car will have speakers fitted which cost pence rather than pounds and why the discerning music lover has to upgrade them to begin with. But don’t just take our word for it, ask anyone who has an interest in good sound!

To take advantage of a forthcoming offer on Skinz, why not sign up for a free of charge copy of Driving Sounds II, the only dedicated car audio magazine due out soon or simply call 0800 652 5125 or visit your local FOUR MASTER to find out more.