Perfect Car Sounds for Ferrari at Auto Italia

Perfect Car Sounds for Ferrari at Auto Italia from FOUR MASTERS. Last weekend’s Auto Italia at Brooklands was once again supported by FOUR MASTERS, the nation’s only independent network of Car Audio installers. The sun and Italiana fun were perfectly accompanied by the stunning, real hi-fi sounds emanating from none other than a lowly FIAT Panda, but what it lacks in mechanical attributes, it completely annihilates in terms of pure musical enjoyment and there was no lack of interest as Auto Italia fans queued all day to get to listen to it.

With FOUR MASTERS present you just know that audio excellence is close at hand and the poor overworked Panda demonstrated this. Having received initial resistance from Ferrari, Alfa and other Italian marque fans, rumours of excellent performance began to warm them to the idea of supplementing their driving experience with great music in their cars and it wasn’t long before other FOUR MASTERS around the country were receiving phone calls asking when they had time to fit an install into a Ferrari!

Auto Italia BannerAuto Italia3

Auto Italia, ultimately, appeals to those with an eye for style and performance and this is exactly what you get with a sound system installed by a FOUR MASTER. Hand crafted to fit sympathetically in with its surrounding yet delivering eye-popping performance which will bring a smile to the face of even the biggest unbeliever. To top it all, the Panda on show was installed with state-of-the-art audio from Italian manufacturer, Audison. Audison has long been considered the Ferrari of the car audio world developing, as it does, brand new technologies to take your car hi-fi system’s performance to new heights. But you don’t only have to take our word for it, grab yourself a copy of Driving Sounds magazine and see what past and present customers have to say about the equipment, service and end result achieved by FOUR MASTERS, then find your local FOUR MASTER and choose a system for your own vehicle, safe in the knowledge that you are joining a growing throng of discerning drivers who want the best from their car and it’s sound system.