Rainbow car hi-fi from Ray Smith, East Lothian


Rainbowcar hi-fi from Ray Smith, East Lothian will never disappoint. Ray Smith in-car solutions have a wealth of experience in installing all kinds of products into most cars on the road today. Rainbow is a German manufacturer of high quality car speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Built to exacting standards, their products deliver great music reproduction that will please the most discerning of listener. FOUR MASTER  Ray Smith  in-car Solutions has trained in-house staff capable of building fabulous show cars or discreetly installing your Rainbow equipment so that only your ears know where it is!

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With a vast amount of automotive expertise coupled to a passion for music, Rainbowhave been producing world renowned in-car hi-fi for many years. With a comprehensive product line up they can satisfy every one’s pocket and pallet and provide complete systems which will sing out high frequencies and smoothly integrate them with the mid and low frequencies, providing a whole spectrum of sound optimised for natural sounding music.

Choose Rainbow if you prefer well balanced sound for reproducing Acoustic, Jazz, Orchestral and choral music or even if you like a good lick of sub bass. Products range from entry level prices to reference hi-fi level touching all points in between.

Contact Ray Smith In-Car Solutions today for great advice, expert installation and a car full of music 0845 166 7101