Ultimate Street Car for Ultimate Hertz Experience

Ultimate Street Car for the ultimate Hertz experience. FOUR MASTERS has it’s biggest and best show presence yet planned for Ultimate Street Car at Santa Pod on 5th-7th August. A live DJ linked to three of the nations most radical demo cars will be on hand to entertain with some old skool mash-ups amazing passers-by with the clear musical power from the three cars!

The three cars include FOUR’s bonkers FIAT Panda famed for blowing away all-comers at the Modified Nationals earlier in the year. This exceptional PA car will be joined by two others, a Mark I Golf built by FOUR MASTER Source Sounds in Sheffield and a Mazda Pick-up put together by Worthing based FOUR MASTER Highdown. Both cars feature audacious systems comprising stacks of Hertz . To get to see the Golf and Mazda, visitors will be asked to submit an email address which will enable them to receive exclusive “FOUR Warned Club” offers . Ultimate Street Car is a staple on the FOUR show calendar. The huge crowds want to be entertained and  that is precisely what FOUR intends to do.

Events organiser Jas wants to push the boat out at this show explaining; “In our many years of attending this show we know that regular show-goers expect more than just a car park. We always try to follow our three “E’s” when at shows; Engage, Educate and Entertain and we think we can do all three with this particular line-up of ground breaking installs“.

All FOUR MASTERS have been encouraged to attend shows this year under the FOUR MASTER banner to demonstrate exactly why they are unique as a national network of specialists offering the best most up to date skills and knowledge and unrivalled service to customers. The Hertz ranges of amplifiers speakers and subwoofers not only offer great value for money but include many dedicated technologies developed to get the most and best sound out of your car. Whatever your budget, Hertz has a range for you and you know you will be buying the best equipment from the best dealers.

To find out more about Hertz and FOUR MASTERS click here or call 0800 652 5125