Warranty Terms

Terms and Conditions

  • To activate your extended warranty, you must submit all details on our registration page on the fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk website within the mandatory 12-month warranty period
  • The national 3-year warranty applies to all FOUR distributed products supplied and installed by a FOUR MASTER whilst they remain in the in the original installed vehicle
  • The warranty covers product failures due to manufacturing defect only and does not cover damage caused by excessive level, incorrect impedance/power matching or other abuse
  • In the instance that a product is found to have been subject to abuse or damage through abnormal use, the FOUR MASTER may levy a charge for it's diagnosis
  • The warranty will not be valid where product has been subjected to physical damage or if not installed by a FOUR MASTER
  • All warranty diagnostic and remedial work must be carried out in a FOUR MASTER workshop
  • We will endeavour to repair the defective product at no cost
  • If we are unable to repair the defective product, we reserve the right to provide you with a replacement, which may or may not be a reconditioned unit
  • In the event a repair or replacement has been made, we shall be entitled to take and keep possession of the defective product, which is deemed to be beyond repair during the warranty period
  • Provided the defective product is covered by the terms of this warranty we shall be responsible for the cost of installing the replacement product