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Our friends at Driving Sounds Magazine featured one of these some years ago. Seems the customer was not at all impressed with the standard audio. These days we have one on our own demonstration fleet and can fully empathise!

With so much potential for great sound, it seems a shame that so many Mini owners are yet to discover the glory of upgraded audio.

Even a straight forward Prima upgrade will bring joy and reignite passion for listening to music in cars. Lifting the soundstage from the drivers ankles up to the ears, sorting out the mushy mid range and adding high frequency precision, what's not to like? You could always go fully digital as we did in our demonstrator featured in Driving Sounds Mojo Mini article (link below). You need to be fully engaged by your desire for audio excellence for that one though.

Example Audison Prima Upgrade:

         Audison Prima BMW Mini upgrade speakers Audison Prima APBMW K4E

 BMW & Mini upgrade under seat woofers Audison Prima APBMW S8-4

 Audison Prima 8-channel car amplifier with DSP Audison Prima AP 8.9 bit


Car Audio Upgrades Made Easy

The FOUR MASTER Network, is able to provide you with a no obligation custom quote on a system for your car.

Not ready for that yet? Why not book a demonstration at your home, place of work or with your local FOUR MASTER?