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The system suggestions shown are recommendations from FOUR MASTER professional installers. However, with a vast array of excellent car audio products to select from we are confident that we can provide you with the best system possible for your budget and taste.

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Opel/Vauxhall - Car Audio Upgrades


Vauxhall - Audio Joy

Sometimes, less is more. The Vauxhall Corsa is an extremely popular vehicle and the undisputed king of the new driver market. Affordable and functional all it lacks is some audio Joy. This can be achieved in this vehicle easily and cheaply.

This affordable and simple speaker upgrade may seem at first to nto fit the bill for those looking for better audio in their pride and joy. However, to dismiss these Audison Prima coaxial speakers without listening to them in situ would be a big pity. Crammed with revolutionary technologies, the Prima APX 6.5 speakers are specifically designed to overcome the many challenges of poor speaker positioning. They are slim and efficient and manage to conjure up a fantastic stereo image even when run directly of the original head unit in the car. Dynamic and highly musical, you will not believe the difference this upgrade will make to your listening pleasure!

A liberal smattering of Skinz Sound Deadening and you are on your way to a more joyful driving experience. However, these speakers have plenty left in the locker and if at a future time you wanted to add an amplifier and subwoofer, they will not run out of talent.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £139.98

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Vauxhall - Audio Heaven

The Vauxhall Astra remains one of the nation's most popular vehicles. Many of these travel thousands of miles per year as fleet and company cars but equally many are privately owned. In any case and audio upgrade can be removed without trace once the lease period is up.

This road warrior is ideal for an audio upgrade as significant improvements can be made using only the factory speaker positions. Although the mounting positions are by no means ideal, thanks to wide dispersion speakers, a credible stereo image can be achieved using Hertz Energy ESK 165.5 speakers. This 2-way component set, are as at home banging out retro dance hits as they are reproducing close harmony vocals and jangly guitars. With comprehensive Skinz Sound treatment in the front doors the ESK 165.5's will not only image well but also project lively engaging audio into the car?s interior. In this case, we add a Hertz HCP 4-channel amplifier with which we drive the front speakers, leaving two channels that can be bridged to drive a subwoofer in a compact enclosure such as a Hertz Energy ES200.5. The resulting experience is fun and lively and will bring a smile to any music lover's face while driving.

Approx. Equipment Cost - £569.96.

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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Vauxhall Astra VRX - Audio Expert

This speedy road eater is all about performance so why not give the audio system performance to match? In this install both front and rear speakers are upgraded and powered by compact Hertz HDP amplifiers.

This car is all about performance and so is the audio system the owner has chosen to install. Based around the ultra-compact Hertz HDP amplifiers, the system is designed to squeeze every decibel from the very excellent Hertz Mille Pro speakers up front. The rears have also been upgraded to Hertz Energy ESK 165.5?s and a Hertz Energy ES 300.5 12" subwoofer provides bags of bass.

By employing an Audison bit Ten D the install has gone for broke in the quality stakes while providing the customer with bags of power and bass. Two HDP 4 4-channel amplifiers have been used in this system. One of which drives the front mounted Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165's in active mode with separate amplifier channels feeding the tweeters and the woofers. This configuration coupled with the enormous processing power of the bit Ten D ensures that the installer can tweak the front speakers to match the exact requirements of the driver and front-seated passenger. Rear passengers get to enjoy the accurate and exciting Hertz Enery ESK 165.5's run from two channels of the second amplifier while the other two channels are bridged to provide a hefty 500 Watts to the rear mounted Hertz Energy ES 300.5 12" subwoofer.

This is one powerful system and with the careful addition of sound treatment to the doors, would be no shrinking violet even when accelerating hard!

Approx. Equipment Cost - £2069.92

Excludes accessories and labour (charged at £65 + vat per hour).

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