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Mk 1 - Through Mk7 the VW Golf is a legend amongst motors. As well as packaged systems, our expert installers are capable of designing and installing a custom install either to show or completely hidden way. Either way, your car will be totally transformed as will your driving pleasure.

We carried out an installation on a Golf Club Sport for Simon Hooper who writes for VW Driver Magazine.  He was moved to say: "I was still genuinely surprised by how much better the Audison system is, in comparison with Dynaudio. It really is a step up in terms of car hi-fi and has opened my eyes and ears to what’s possible inside a car".

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Systems can be removed when the car is moved on and reinstalled into your next car.

Below, we link to some installations. Well worth a read if only to inspire you when considering your own system. 

Example system:

Audison Prima 2-way component speakers  Audison Prima APK 165, 2-way component system

Audison Prima 10" subwoofer Audison Prima APBX 10 DS, 10" subwoofer

Audison Prima AP5.9 bit Audison Prima AP5.9 bit

Skinz Sound Deadening Skinz Expert DK

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The FOUR MASTER Network, is able to provide you with a no obligation custom quote on a system for your car.