Polo Audio Upgrade

Your Car

This nippy run around can definitely benefit from an audio upgrade. Side benefits would include reduced road and wind noise and added fun!

Simply add sub bass and front speakers, and amplifier and some sound treatment and suddenly you have fun on wheels!

Example system:

Hertz DPower Car Amplifier  Hertz DPower 4

 Hertz Cento 2- way component car speakers Hertz Cento CK 165

 Hertz Cento CS 250 S4 8" car subwoofer Hertz Cento CS 250 S4

 Q+ S1015 10" car subwoofer enclosure Q+ S1015

 Skinz Expert car door sound deadening kit Skinz Expert 3mm Door Kit


Of course, the above is just an idea. You can go much further. Take the advice of your local FOUR MASTER.


Car Audio Upgrades Made Easy

The FOUR MASTER Network, is able to provide you with a no obligation custom quote on a system for your car.