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  • Specialist European Car Audio brands
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TRAX - Kings of Car Audio, FOUR MASTERS, a Major Attraction

3rd September 2013

Four Masters head-up a car audio festival within TRAX - The show attracts up to 18,000 car enthusiasts from all over the country who come to celebrate the modified car scene. This year, the paddock area was dominated by in car entertainment with some great sounding cars on show. Read the full report.
Trax Website

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Car Audio Fest South

3rd September 2013

CarFest South saw Driving Sounds in association with FOUR MASTERS flying the flag for aftermarket car audio. This Children in Need car and music festival gave us a perfect platform on which to demonstrate the joys of great car audio with fans of both music and cars in abundance.
CarFest Website

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EISA Success

28th August 2013

EISA, European Imaging and Sound Association, has awarded the Hertz HCP 5D the title of EUROPEAN IN-CAR AMPLIFIER of the year 2013-2014!
See EISA Website

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CarFest North

15th August 2013

Car Audio Craziness at CarFest North. Here we played hits through the years ranging from Pink Floyd to Pink through Source Sounds stunning audio system with a Mark 2 Golf wrapped around it, to a very enthusiastic crowd who spontaneously bopped along.
CarFest North Site

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Goodwood Festival of Sound?

22nd July 2013

FOUR MASTERS support Driving Sounds presence at Goodwood by taking along expertise to help demonstrate two BMW 1-series, one of which was installed with a £1500 audio system. Visitors were challenged to listen to both and select the one they felt had been upgraded and enter a prize draw to win the system for their own car.
Facebook Images from GFOS

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Check out our dynamic database of fully endorsed FOUR MASTER selected car audio systems. Enter details of your vehicle and find a choice of up to three systems which will take you away from the stress of navigating busy roads and on to a new more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience.


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